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Mexico is one of the most popular cities in the world and the food that is served there is amazing and delicious.  If you are thinking about planning a trip, you should consider going to Mexico and then make sure that you try some of the food that is offered there. With that being, here is a rundown of some of the best foods that you must try when you’re in Mexico.


This food has got fried corn tortillas that are topped with green or red salsa.  Fried eggs and chicken are added at the top as well as cheese. This food is mostly served with refried beans. If you want to eat chilaquiles in Mexico, you can get them anywhere.


top dishes to try in Mexico
top dishes to try in Mexico


This is a staple food in Mexico. The tamales are different from tacos because they have a corn base. If you want to make tamales, you steam corn dough and then stuff it inside a corn husk. The ingredients that are used to make tamales include chicken, salsa verde, and salsa Roja.  The tamales are also sold by street vendors.


Moreover, this food is Doritos that are cut open and consists of different types of chips, peanuts, cream, and corn.  You can eat these with your friend.  The food is prepared with many ingredients.


This food is an excellent choice to try in Mexico. The machetes are big and they have different fillings.  They differ from others because sometimes they are not available.  If you happen to visit Mexico, make sure that you try them because they are delicious.


They are also known as Mexican pizza. When it comes to fillings, there are many options that you can use. The ingredients used to make them include lettuce, avocado, cheese beans, and others. If you are a vegetarian, it is better to ask what is there in the food before you eat it.


Furthermore, the corn that is cooked is called elite. This food can be served with chili, cheese, and mayonnaise.  The food is cooked corn and some ingredients are used to make it. The food is also one of the affordable snacks in Mexico.


This is another type of food that you must try when you visit Mexico. Gorditas are shaped patties made with the ingredients that are used to make tacos but the difference is that they have different fillings.  You get to choose different kinds of ingredients that go into your gorditas.


In addition, if you are someone who loves to eat a good breakfast, then they are a good way to go.  These are corn tortillas that are topped with mashed black bean paste.

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