If you are someone who loves to play Online Casino USA and having won some real money, make sure you use that money and visit Mexico. While in Mexico, you have to make sure that you try some of its amazing desserts before leaving. Here is a rundown of some of the best desserts that you have to try today in Mexico.

best Mexican desserts you must try
best Mexican desserts you must try

Carlota De Limon

This is a refreshing Mexican dessert that consists of layers of crumbled cookies and cream made from lime juice and milk. The cream of this dessert should be frozen to a level where it reaches the consistency of ice cream. The dessert is mostly served during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Tres Leches Pastel

This is another Mexican dessert that you need to try. It is a cake that is sweetened with condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cream. The cake is put in the creamy source which gives it a richness that is more like a custard. You can eat this dessert with coffee to have an amazing taste.


Moreover, churros can be called doughnuts. These are sugar-coated sticks that are fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar for a sweet treat that is served with chocolate sauce. You have to eat these churros while warm.

Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate sauce is another Mexican dessert. It is good with fresh fruit. If you want them to taste better, you can add chipotle or chili powder to add spice.

Pan de Elote

This is a sweet bread and it is made from corn. The bread is more of a pudding than bread and it can be served as cupcakes or a piece from big cakes. It is a healthy dessert that you should try today.


Camotes is another Mexican dessert that you have to try. They are served using jam and milk. You can find this dessert anywhere be it in shops or supermarkets. This dessert is also very delicious.


This is a fried dessert that has honey in it. In this dessert, there is powdered sugar and it is also served with a chocolate source.  You can eat sopapillas with anything.

Dulce de Leche

Furthermore, this is another dessert that you must try. The dessert is creamy and it is prepared with sugar and milk that is heated slowly. This dessert is also delicious.


This is another dessert that you need to taste. The ingredients required to make this dessert include eggs, condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla. If you want to make this dessert, you can use a cake pan.

Apple Pie Taquitos

In addition, this is another dessert that you need to try. The dessert is delicious and also easy to make. The ingredients needed to make this dessert include sugar, cinnamon, tortillas, and butter.